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Case Study - Neurophysiological Explanation of Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for multiple sexual orgasms and ejaculation control
Reader: 11/1/2000>
I am very impressed by your use of "chi kong" in sex. Your techniques are very original. I have a question though. In your ejaculation control methods, you have never mentioned the tensing of the PC muscle. Can it be incorporated into your breathing methods? 

Dr. Lin: 11/1/2000>

Tensing the PC muscle results in ejaculation and orgasm.
It is to turn on the orgasmic and ejaculation circuits in spinal cords T10-L2.
It is to accelerate women's orgasm and to promote men's ejaculation.
My sexual breathing method is to use the radar or optical destructive interference principle to kill the sexual input signals to the sensory-sympathetic (orgasmic) circuits in spinal cords T10-L2 with the sensory input signals from the bladder, tailbone, rectum and anus where the nervous circuits are predominated by the sensory-parasympathetic (erection or engorgement) circuits in Spinal Cords S2-S4.
The primary major area predominated by the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuit is the urethra=>prostate nervous axis or clitoris (the glans penis)=>G-spot (urethra/vaginal spongy tract )=>Epicenter (prostate)/cervix nervous axis, which are the triggering circuit for orgasm or/and ejaculation. The secondary major area in the pelvic cavity, beside the low abdomen, for the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits is located between the anus and the tailbone. You may wonder why some people, men or women,  like anal sex very much. We can use these circuits to induce an orgasmic contraction of the muscle between the anus and the tailbone without triggering the semen emission from the seminal vesicles, that is orgasm without ejaculation. (more in  )  When you contract the anal-tailbone muscles, you also wake these sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits.  Men can achieve ejaculation control by shifting the nervous response circuits from the urethra-prostate nerves to the anal-tailbone nerves. Women can have a full-body orgasm from the clitoris, urethral/vaginal spongy tissues (G-spot and Epicenter), and anal-tailbone muscles by the simultaneous stimulation on these nerves, that is the 4-point excitation method
Exerting an  inhaling (Chi) pressure against the bladder is to turn on the bladder's sensory-parasympathetic nervous circuits for overriding the prostate's sensory-sympathetic (ejaculation and orgasmic) circuits, so does contracting the tailbone muscles. The center of the front bladder is the location of the low body Chi concentrative point called Dan-Tien (between CV-3 and CV-4) of the Conception Vessel, the Sea of Yin Chi in the acupuncture network, as shown in  
The tailbone point is the first point (GV-1 or Tsang-Chiang) of the Governing Vessel, the Master of Yang Chi.
Exerting an inhaling pressure against the bladder and contracting tailbone muscles will turn on the major parasympathetic (recharging) circuits in the body and seduce the sympathetic (energy consumption) function.  

=== Note: The bioelectric recharge is done by burning testosterone in the local tissues. The pelvic cavity is the hormone reception center. The tissues contains a lot of testosterone and estrogen receptors that can trap a lot of testosterone and estrogen respectively.  My grandma said, the bird (including chicken, duck, geese...) tail contains a lot of hormones which can give women a smoother skin. You may see a lot of men and women with a big abdomen or/and butts too, but Why? The prostate (the Epicenter between the bladder and cervix for women)  is the testosterone reception center. Burning testosterone in there promotes libido and drives orgasm high during sex.  ===

During this ChiKong Breathing exercise,  the bladder's parasympathetic nerves discharge bioelectric flow into the Conceptive Vessel, and, when you are contracting the tailbone muscles, the bioelectric flow moves across the anus from CV-1 (between the anus and scrotum, near the prostate), to GV-1 where the bioelectric energy partially flows into the Governing Vessel and partially feeds the sensory nerves around the tailbone (the sensory-parasympathetic circuits sacral nerves S1-S5 and Coccygeal nerve C0). Then, the bioelectric current in the sensory nerves is split into two parts in the interneuron switches/splitters inside S1-S5 and C0. A large part of energy is coupled into the Spinal Cord nerves / Central Nervous System to the brain's cerebral cortex (sensory and then motor areas for response); the rest of energy is reflected back to genital area through the S1-S5 and C0 parasympathetic motor nerves that drive the erection and engorgement blood pressures from the pubis/penis (clitoris and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues)/groins to the tail bone (More in ).
If you contract the PC muscle, the energy due to sexual stimulation and muscle contraction (testosterone burning!) will turn to the sensory-sympathetic nervous (orgasmic/ejaculation) circuits between the urethral/prostate (or urethral/vaginal) nerves and T10-L2 spinal cord interneuron switches/splitters. That means you activate the orgasmic/ejaculation circuits. To prolong sex, you have to let the ejaculation circuits take a nap for a while (more in  ), or let it go to sleep! And then you can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation (more in  )!
Therefore, My Sexual ChiKong Breathing consists of Tai-Chi Yin Kong for men and Tai-Chi Yang Kong for women.
Anal Breathing Method is the simple one for men to circulate sexual energy during intercourse, while women can practice Tai-Chi Yang Kong with anal contraction to trigger a full body orgasm with a 4-point excitation method during intercourse. We have applied the ChiKong Breathing methods to intercourse for more than 25 years and we have produced powerful multiple orgasms for my wife and myself! That is why I wrote our multiple sexual orgasms book called "Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms." There are a lot of information on Sexual ChiKong Intercourse in 

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To have orgasm multiple times is a state of art, in fact, just a trick.