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Case Study - Sexual ChiKong Technique for prolonging intercourse and sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/23/2000>
I have been practising ejaculation control using the big draw method. This works well but requires stopping from time to time. with my girlfriend on top I can keep from ejaculating for a long time, but when i am on top or in any position where I am thrusting more, i can't control ejaculation without stopping occaissionally. How can I control my ejaculation while thrusting without taking a break? thanks, Jimmy

Dr. Lin: 12/24/2000>
Inhale to 1/3 of your lung capacity with an expansion of your low abdomen and put and hold a little pressure against your bladder (dan-tien). Then, focus your mind to your tailbone (image you want to inhale air into your anus and spine); contract your anal/tailbone muscles in each thrust, or hold a breath and a contraction of your anal/tailbone muscles for several thrusts. You can do it in whatever love positions. The most important things are:
1. Relaxing the prostate by exerting the pressure against the bladder
2. Synchronizing the breathing with the anal contraction and release - You must be able to perform more than 500 thrusts without taking a break.
3. contracting the correct anal/tailbone muscles without stimulating (contracting) the prostate - prevention of ejaculation.
You can channel your sexual energy away from the prostate this way during lovemaking. 
This is my simplest sexual ChiKong called the Anal Breathing method.

If your brain's response to sex is too high, you have to block the pathways between the brain's cerebral cortex and Spinal Cords T10-L2 circuits. This can be achieved by incorporating the following action:
Open your mouth and produce a sequence of voices "ha! ha! ha! ha! ...." when you exhale.

The rest of tricks for prolonging sex is to balloon your penis to an extreme so that the blood pressure inside the penile cylinders can block the nervous communication (via urethral nerves) from the glans penis to the prostate and then to the T10-L2 nervous circuits. If you want to have sex for 1-2 hours and make her come multiple times, you have to learn how to balloon your penis, so that the reflection circuits of T10-L2 will be shut down. 

That is,  the Anal Breathing Method and the Penile Ballooning Method can fully cut off the sexually sympathetic nervous circuits of T10-L2.