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Case Study - DHT, hypertension, heart enlargement, penile enlargement, and sexual orgasm.
Yeah that's true...but one last thing I want to ask
Is the heart enlargement in the late hypertension stage also do to DHT in the blood pressure pushing on the heart to enlarge it?
Will Detoxic do any good to help hypertension people?

Dr Lin: 4/28/2001> 
Good question! Yes, that is why the male life span is shorter than the female. The male heart has more DHT and its receptors than the female heart does. That is, in average, the male heart is larger than the female. Similarly, this is why the male glans penis is larger than the female glans penis, the glans clitoris.  DHT is responsible for the growth of sex organs in the adolescence, and its receptor density in the erectile tissues is associated with the erection size of sex organs for men and women. However, the ultimate ballooning (expansion) of the sex organs during sexual excitation depends on both DHT and the parasympathetic neurotransmitters acetylcholine/Nitric Oxide and their arterial dilator cGMP. When the arteries are extremely dilated by DHT and cGMP,  DHEA and androstenedione/testosterone/estrogen are required to retain the flexibility and elasticity of the arteries; otherwise, you will experience erection pain in the pelvic/groin/pubic area, or the arterial/muscular/heart dilation pain in the chest (heartburning!).  Note that androstenedione can be converted to testosterone and estrogen. An optimal ratio of testosterone-estrogen (required a good liver function) can regulate heart functions, where testosterone is the fuel and estrogen is the cooling water for the heart engine.  Androstenedione can be found in the animal uterus, testicles, penis, heart, liver, and adrenal glands, and pine seeds. 

The medical study said it is the testosterone level in the heart shorten the male life, but, the real killer is the conversion of testosterone to DHT occurring in the heart. Your heart , like other parts of your body, needs testosterone to strengthen its muscle (the contractile fibers)  to pump your blood circulation around.  No testosterone, no heart pumping. The problem is, there is excessive testosterone in the tissues and, at the same time, the liver also produces excessive 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that burns testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). When testosterone is converted to DHT, bioenergy is released to charge the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). If the body is in parasympathetic (relaxation) mode, bioenergy charges the parasympathetic nerves of the ANS (The heart pumps more blood flow into the penile arteries for a hard erection; not bad at all!); otherwise, the sympathetic nerves to intensify the hypertension.
In hypertension, the ANS is in sympathetic mode, additional bioenergy will gear up the heart beat and blood pressure, and the excessive DHT helps temporarily enlarge the heart. Then, the heart is in trouble.
Yes, DeToxil and DeToxia contains amino acids and herbs that keep the ANS in the parasympathetic mode, unbind DHT from tissues, and regulate the release of 5-alpha reductase.  Removing DHT from the prostate and heart tissues (and the hair rooting cells) and normalizing the 5-alpha reductase release are the key to prevent the enlargement (and hair loss).  But, the penile ballooning (natural enlargement) and the clitoral/G-spot enlargement require a lot of DHT to grow the number of  the DHT receptors in the erectile tissues.  The penile/clitoral/g-spot enlargements are done in the parasympathetic mode, under which the penis, clitoris and G-spot can be erect harder and the erection can last longer! You just use DHT to increase  its receptor density in the erectile tissues. Only in the erection state, DHT is bounded into its receptors to balloon the erectile tissues; after erecting or finishing intercourse, DHT must be removed and expelled out of the body to prevent overheating the other organs.  Expelling DHT out of the body is done by the liver detoxification system too! That is why DeToxil and DeToxia are so important to the body! 
The best products for solving hypertension and heart enlargement are ViaGrowth-IV, 5-HTP and DeToxia, Item 1-017 (or DeToxil)
5-HTP (Item 2-001)  will knock down hypertension in 30 minutes. 

Note: The heart enlargement can be triggered by the erectile drug V?agra which blocks the removal action of the enzyme PDE-5 on the dilator cGMP.  cGMP is responsible for dilation of the arteries everywhere in the body and for erection and engorgement of sex organs.  Excessive cGMP accumulated in the heart may result in over-dilation of the heart arteries. If there are insufficient testosterone and DHEA in the arterial tissues,  the heart arteries lose their elasticity and flexibility to expand.  Thus, the men with the V drug and hypertension can get heart attack easily during sex.