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Your Question:
How did you learn sex?
Well, this is a good question! I have heard a lot of people said you do not have to learn sex. This is partially right. If sex is only referred to the species propagation like animals, it may be true that we do not have to study this subject. Since we are human beings, our demands on sex are far more than the fundmental animal needs. However, a lot of animal sexual behaviors can be applied to human beings.
I learned sex from farm animals. I grew in the farm. When I was a kid, my parents raised pigs, chicken, turkeys, dogs and cats. I also help my parents to do animal propagation. Naturally, I had to understand the animal sexual behaviors. For examples, when a female pig is ready for fertilization, she will refuse to eat. You might wonder that she is sick. If you check her external sexual organ, vulva or lips of her vagina opening, you will find that it swells and wets, and becomes pink. Once she is mated or inseminated, her external sexual organ will return to nomal and she will start to eat in few hours. Obviously, the sexual hormone in the animals can drive both sexes crazy. Once it is neutralized by the opposite sex, the animals become calm and controllable. This behavior can be applied to human beings too. It is one of the most important subjects in military. When the male and female soliders are in one warship, the ship will naturally become a love boat. If they are deployed in the field, the wild battle field becomes a hot bed. It is not supprised to me that in the first seven months of the US Army's deployment in Bosnia, a lot of female solider got prognant. Sex is an attractive force for both sexes, more powerful than the universal gravitational force. When I saw the behavior of the female pig, I realized the power of sex (LOVE ?).
Dogs are one of the animals with most amazing sexual behaviors. When a female dog is ready for fertilization or in the so-called "heat" cycle, its external sexual organ will release a special odor, called pheromone, that can be sensed by the male dogs several miles away. You will find a lot of strange dogs around, which you have never seen before. The vulva or lips of her vagina opening swell. She will teases all the male. She will stand still and rise her rear end for the male to inspect. Of course, the male dogs will have bloody dog fights before mating. The winner will have a chance to mate the female. Sometimes, a smart, third party will sneak in to seed the female. When they mate, the male will mount from the rear and his front legs will hold the female waist. This is the same as the back-entry position of the human sexual intercourse. With a few trial thrusts, the penis will enter the vagina easily;ejaculation occurs in few minutes after another few thrusts. It seems that ejaculation is very easy to occur with this back-entry position. However, after ejaculation, sometimes, the swollen glans penis is locked by the cramping vagina muscle for more than a hour, up to three hours. If this happens, it is very difficult to break them up. This phenomenon is called " the tie." Under this situation, the male have to swing one leg over the female so that his four legs can stand on the ground. They turn to face in opposite direction. In the Chinese sexual book, this back-to-back position is called Three-Autumm Dog Posture. In this position, the penis is bend over. The dog penis is very long, up to 12 inches. Dogs can do it. I wonder that human beings can use this position for sexual intercourse.
When the female and male dogs are in the "tie," they moan and cry. I wonder that female dogs have the ability to achieve orgasm like women do.
If the dogs mate in front of a widow house, she will feel embarrassed so that she will try everything in an attempt to break them up. The only thing to break the dog mating is cold water. In the old, Confucian society, widows were discouraged to re-marry, even Confucius said "Eating and sex are natural." Nowadays, women are liberated. Naturally, women may pursuit sexual orgasms more than men can provide. Their slogan is "Give Me Sexual Orgasm, No Sexual Harassment." Giving women unsatisfied sex is a sexual harassment, in particular, during the ovulation period. I believe that men have responsibility to give women sexual orgasm during that time This is the fundamentally and universally biologic need to women. Sexual orgasm distinguishes us from other animals. It becomes essential for permanently binding a couple together in the modern society. Men just can not release their own sexual pressure without considering women's sexual need. This is one of the reasons that make today's society has a higher divorce rate than the old ones had before 1970's. In the good old days, the women's natural, sexual desire was suppressed by the conservative doctrines of religions. This is a sexual discrimination! The main reason behind the doctrines is the men's fear of failing to give women sexual orgasm. This is the main reason for me to write this book which presents a simple, but tricky, method to give women sexual satisfaction as long as they want. If a couple learn this method, they won't have to worry about sexual orgasm every time they have sex.
Tao is the way or course of nature, governing all phenomena in the universe, from the infinite to the infinitesimal. Newton's laws can be universally applied to any phenomena of motion occurred in the nature. The Newton's laws are the Tao, so is sex. When the ancient Taoists observed "the tie" of the dog mating, they believed that the dog penis must contain some unusual hormone substances that allow the male to hold erection for up to three hours, even after ejaculation. Thus, the dog penis becomes the most powerful medicine to boot the man's sexual potential. It is said the black dog's penis is the best selection. However, I have never tried any formula which contains the dog penis. This is because I was a master of a brave dog which died of fighting a cobra for me. Instead, I have taken other Taoist's approaches - Vacuum Cupping Massage and Pressure Massage - to maintain my Chi and blood circulations through the genital area. The reason is that our sitting position blocks the Chi and blood circulations through the genital area, more or less. Animals do not sit down so that their sexual capacity does not age so quickly as human beings do
Basically I have observed and studied animal sexual behaviors since I was a kid. I had been sexually educated by these farm animals in the natural way. I have understood the wonder of sex, without going through the health text book. It also stimulated my interesting in the study of human sexual behaviors. When I watched the porn movies, I would try to analyze the sexual behaviors of the porn stars. However, I found that the porn movies contain nothing but fakes. The penises in the pornographic movies are always very soft. This may result from some psychological problems the male stars experienced in front of the video camana. The psychological pressure can make men suffer from temporal importence, unless the men have a very high sexual potential. The pornographic movies attempt to mislead people, including men and women, that only the long and huge penises can give women sexual orgasms, no matter how soft they are. In fact, the soft penises, no matter how long or large, could hardly generate sexual orgasm for women. My experiemental results as shown in the following graph indicate that only hard, solid penis can guarantee women's sexual orgasms. The penis must be able to apply enough pressure, more than 6 PSI, to the G-spot. The Rule for women's sexual orgasms is " NO PRESSURE, NO PLEASURE." Men should cultivate their sexual potential to maitain their penis' hardness, instead of having surgery for the penis enlargement which leads to pernanent importence.

However, I realize that there are a lot of loving couples with some degrees of difficulty to achieve orgasm. Here is my suggestions to help the unfortune couple to achieve her sexual orgasms, as listed in the following:
1. Tune up you body with Vacuum Cupping Massage and/or Acupressure Massage to increase the Chi and blood circulations through the genital area on both sides of the body, and eat the foods containing more natural hormone substances (for examples. sea foods, seeds and nuts, and dark green vegetables).
2. Massage the genital area and low abdomen when taking a shower or bath - in particular, the base of the clitoris and penis, groin, and perineum;
3. Rountinely having sex, without ejaculation, with screwing techniques every morning for about 10 - 20 minutes;
4. Use Finger Pliers to massage the G-spot and Clitoris at the same time with a pressure of about 3-6 PSI when the lady is ready for her sexual orgasms with the penis - By the way, make sure the vagina and Clitoris being well-lubricated; Remember " FRICTION CAUSES PAIN, PRESSURE MAKES PLEASURE" - then, adopt the Method of Resonant Excitation to get the BIG-O (multiple sexual orgasms).
5. If the man misfires, DO NOT WORRY! Pull out the penis as soon as possible , repeat the Method Of Finger Pliers with the pressure of 6 PSI to bring her to the BIG-O, and then re-plug the penis back to the vagina with about 3-5 thrusts at 0.8 seconds per cycle; the last actions will bring the lady to an eruptively, resonant orgasm state with 5 sexual pleasure pulses.

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Dog Sex for sexual orgasm?
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